5 Qualities To Look For In A Great Nanny

By Deb Crisford

Hunting for the perfect nanny to fit your family can be a tireless journey. The first questions parents ask me when starting their search for a nanny is: “What am I even looking for?!” My answer is, go back to the basics! Here are the top characteristics when searching for a new nanny to invite into your home:

1. Morals & Ethics Align: Your nanny must hold your same basic values because they are acting as the through-line of communication from you to your children.

2. The 3 R’s: Respectful, Reliable, Responsible: Respect you, your boundaries and your rules. Be on time and act responsibly. When you’re not home, you should be able to feel at ease that your children are safe in their hands.

3. Healthy, Happy & Whole: To be able to be present and give their all on the job, they need to be grounded in their daily life. As nanny’s job is always “on;” you don’t want burn out or someone sleep walking through the job.

4. Genuinely Care for Children: Your nanny should love children and value the whole experience. If your nanny sees her responsibility simple as biding time until the parents get home, she’s not the nanny for you.

5. Experience: Let’s be sensible, nothing can trump experience. Like I said: “Go back to the basics.”

The ideal nanny with these qualities is out there; it’s just about finding him/her! Once you do, your nanny will continue to enrich the life of you and your children.

Deb Crisford is the founder/owner of Crisford & Co., a boutique nanny placement and health & wellness company Learn more at crisfordandco.com!