End Baths On A Happy Note With Big Bee, Little Bee

Big Bee, Little Bee

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Giving your baby a bath can be one of the most fun experiences of being a new parent. But there is always that heart-breaking moment when your baby bawls as you try to dry her as fast as you can. She’s cold, she’s wet, and she left the warm comfort of the tub. Now, thanks to Big Bee, Little Bee, that can be avoided with their new bath towel.

To learn more, we spoke with Amy Leinbach, creator of Big Bee, Little Bee, to learn more.

For someone unfamiliar with Big Bee, Little Bee, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

Our aim is to create “Smart Products for Savvy Parents” – products that make the early years of parenting just a little bit easier. Our core offering at this time is the Snow Angel Cushioned Baby Bath Towel. All of our products are invented and developed by a mom!

What is the background of Big Bee, Little Bee? When did it start, and how has it evolved since then? 

The idea for the Snow Angel Cushioned Baby Bath Towel was born in August of 2015 and the product was first introduced to the public this past April.

Admittedly, my husband and I are pretty lucky: our daughter loves bath time. Since the day she was born, she was happy as could be lounging in her tub, getting scrubbed, and having her hair washed. But all good things must come to an end, and when it was time to take her out of the bath and dry her off, the shrieking began. She could not stand being dried. And who could really blame her? She was uncomfortable and cold. For the sake of her happiness and our ears, we knew we had to make the process quicker and more comfortable.

In an effort to make her more comfortable, we stacked a couple of fluffy towels beneath her to provide some cushion against the cold, hard counter top. On top of that little stack, we placed one of her baby towels. That fixed the comfort problem but we still couldn’t get the job done quickly enough for her liking. The issue was that once we put her baby towel beneath her, we didn’t have enough material to wrap around her and dry all her little parts. So I added another towel to the mix. This one was used to dry the parts that the back towel couldn’t easily reach. This method solved the problem reasonably enough but left me with quite a mess on my counter top.

It occurred to me that all I really needed was a baby towel with some cushioning in the back and a little more available fabric—I just couldn’t find one. So although I couldn’t sew, I set out to create a special towel for my daughter. My initial attempt was pretty rough (who knew you had to stitch the edges of a towel to keep it from fraying?), but she liked it.

I’m actually very thankful the towel didn’t come out perfectly the first time because it wasn’t until my second attempt that I came up with the idea for the wings. By splitting the fabric strategically, I could more easily reach and dry her arms, legs, and all the bits in between. Truth be told, I didn’t have a snow angel shape in mind when I started drawing the pattern for the second prototype. I was simply playing with different cuts until I settled upon the one that made the most sense. When I stepped back from it, I saw it: a snow angel!

What are the most popular and/or newest products from Big Bee, Little Bee?

The Snow Angel Cushioned Baby Bath Towel!

What sets Big Bee, Little Bee apart from other baby product companies?

We strive to make innovative, affordably priced, and high quality baby products to make your life easier.

What can parents expect to see from Big Bee, Little Bee at the LA Baby Show?

Get to know the Snow Angel! It’s a truly unique baby bath towel that features a padded back panel to protect baby from cold, hard surfaces, an adjustable-length hood that grows with your baby, and soft terry/velour wings that allow quick and easy drying of arms and legs.

If you want to find out more, visit bigbeelittlebee.com