Covey Can Help You Find Fellow Moms And Dads On Your Parenting Journey

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As a special preview of the LA Baby Show, coming up on the weekend of November 5-6, we have interviewed or profiled many of the Show’s vendors and participants. You can read all about them on this Show blog, but of course the real fun is experiencing the Baby Show in person.

Tickets to the Baby Show are $30 per family, and $20 per individual, and can be purchased here.

Even with Google at our fingertips and an endless number of parenting books out there, the best parenting resource remains other parents. Whether they are experienced veterans or going through the same battles as you, fellow parents can be sources of information, a shoulder to cry on and a friend with whom to celebrate. Covey believes in those ideals and helps LA parents find their fellow parents.

To find out more about Covey, we spoke with Co-Founder and CEO Vanessa Jameson.

For someone unfamiliar with Covey, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

Covey is a service that connects parents to community and local resources. Through our mobile app, parents can search for other parents similar to them using criteria like location, interests and kids’ ages. They can learn about local activities and playdates and get recommendations on the most family-friendly businesses in their area. An expecting parent can use Covey to meet up with other expecting parents, providing each other with a support system already established when their baby is born.

What is the background of Covey? When did it start, and how has it evolved since then?

Covey was born out of a success story — the founders were part of a moms group that provided them with incredible support. They found that their group and network of parents became their #1 parenting resource – over Google, Facebook and parenting books. It’s Covey’s mission to make sure that every new and expecting parent has access to that same kind of support.

What are the most popular and/or newest services or classes from Covey?

We recently launched the ability for parents to ‘Endorse’ their favorite local businesses, with reviews from a parent’s point-of-view (think: changing tables, kid-friendly, quiet spots for nursing, great activities for kids). This concept of local community information sharing is right in line with our core values, and parents are finding the feature incredibly useful.

What sets Covey apart from other parenting apps?

We want every parent to find connection where they need it most, whether it’s based on location, kids’ ages or a particular parenting topic. In the app, we offer opportunities for parents to connect virtually and bridge those relationships into the real world. Our resource and activity listings are based on what real parents in the network are doing and the businesses they’re supporting. Business endorsements are provided directly by parents that live nearby — they might even join you there for a playdate!

What can parents expect to see from Covey at the LA Baby Show?

We’re so excited to meet everybody and have some great giveaways and prizes to share! Come join us!

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