Dr. Harvey Karp & Happiest Baby Debut The World’s First Smart Sleeper: The SNOO

Editor’s Note: Dr. Harvey Karp will be speaking at the LA Baby Show on both Saturday, November 5 (from 2:30-3:15pm), and Sunday, November 6 (from 2-3pm). Happiest Baby will be exhibiting at the Show (with The SNOO) on both days. Visit our Programming page for more info!

By Payal Shetty

Smart Sleeper The SNOO

Dr. Harvey Karp, nationally renowned pediatrician, took the parenting world by storm in 2001 with his best-selling debut book, The Happiest Baby on the Block. Fifteen years later, it has been published in over 20 languages, and continues to empower parents with tips and techniques to soothe their crying newborn.

Presently, the mission-based company develops science-based products dedicated to helping parents raise healthy and happy children. And now, Happiest Baby, Inc. has just announced a game-changing product in the baby sleep category: The SNOO.

Dr. Karp has spent the last five years collaborating with engineers from MIT to create the SNOO—the world’s first “smart sleeper” for newborn babies. By imitating the rhythmic sensations that babies enjoy in the womb and responding to a baby’s fussing with increasing sound and motion, this electric-powered bassinet is a sleep deprived parents’ dream come true.

The SNOO is an elegantly designed, highly innovative infant bed. With open mesh walls allowing full ventilation for the snoozing baby and an EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation)-blocking metal shield attached to the sleeper platform, it boasts of being the safest baby bed ever made.

In fact, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) just released their new recommendations for safe baby sleep which included advice that babies sleep on their back for at least the first six months. The SNOO keeps your baby on the back–the only safe position for babies–for the first six months, making SNOO the safest baby bed ever made. Many moms bring their babies into bed…because that is the only way they can sleep. But the AAP also warned that letting your baby bed share is a serious problem, as about 2,000 babies die in bed with their parent every year. But, The SNOO boosts a baby’s sleep with the calming rhythms babies enjoy in the womb, which reduces an exhausted mom’s temptation to let her baby sleep in her bed.

The SNOO is complemented by a revolutionary swaddle sack, which has special  “wings” that keep the baby safely on its back. Specially engineered white noise gently calms a crying baby and a custom motor adjusts the bassinet’s motion in response to its cry level.

Suitable for infants from 0-6 months, SNOO promises to be your baby’s personal night nurse and more.

The SNOO retails for $1,160 (that translates to better sleep for just $7 per day) and can be purchased at happiestbaby.com.