A Dream Nursery, A Smart Crib & 8 Other Reasons To Attend The LA Baby Show

The LA Baby Show's Mini Concert & Trial Class Schedule

As we get closer to the LA Baby Show on the weekend of November 5-6, we’re bursting with more good news to share! Here’s the latest:

Do you know who Dr. Harvey Karp is?  His famed series of books and DVDs—“The Happiest Baby On The Block”—have literally helped millions of new parents understand and bond with their babies—and set their babies on the path to becoming good sleepers!

Well, Dr. Karp, who is a featured speaker at the Baby Show,  announced some really big news yesterday and, in addition to his seminars, he’ll be around both days of the Show to talk about his latest innovation – the world’s first “smart” crib knows as The SNOO!

And did you hear the news that we’re giving away a Dream Nursery from Babyletto and DaVinci? Anyone who attends the Baby Show qualifies for these and many other awesome giveaways—“including  amazing Quinny x Rachel Zoe Moodd stroller, and the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair!

The big giveaways are like the icing on the cake. The cake, of course, is being at the Baby Show, experiencing with its mix of top brands, great speakers and seminars, and all kinds of family fun and bonding—all in one great setting. And in the spirit of helping you understand what makes the LA Baby Show a wonderful experience for expectant and new parents (and their bumps, babies, and young toddlers), we have a few more shout-outs to make:

1. Jamie Grayson Is The Keynote Speaker: Grayson—known as the BabyGuy—is a nationally beloved expert in baby products and baby life. Parents and parents-to-be not only trust him, they enjoy him!

2. Shop The New & The Tried-And-True:Every year we’re always amazed at the variety of both established and upcoming vendors who participate in the show. You’re as likely to discover a stroller with a remarkable compact folding mechanism as you are a non-invasive thermometer that is perfect for baby!

3. Enjoy, Relax, Repeat: Whether you’re expecting or already have young child, parents and parents-to-be are able to enjoy the Baby Show because they can take their time chatting with vendors and listening to expert speakers, and they can also take breaks in comfort. There are special lounges for moms and dads, as well as nursing stations that allow you to relax, feed and change your baby, and meet other expectant and new parents. And then return to enjoying some of the more active parts of the show—whether you’re chatting with vendors or parenting experts, or enjoying some of the trial classes and mini-concerts with your baby or young toddler.

4. A “Real World” Stroller Track: Buying a stroller is not quite like buying car. Then again, parents really like to get this right (for obvious reasons). And one of the special assets of the Baby Show is that we have a wonderful stroller test track! Along with many of the best stroller (and car seat) brands in the world to try out!

5. Ask Us Anything: We have the most wonderful array of experienced, wise, supportive, and helpful experts in our seminars. Take a minute to look at the programming schedule. Note the times of the seminars you’re interested in. The topics range from maternal health to having a great parenting partnership or making it as a single parent to car seat safety to preschool admissions! Also, we’re going to be announcing a special “Meet The Experts” table—where parents can stop by and chat with some of the leading and most beloved experts on everything from prenatal yoga to baby signing.

6. It’s A Guy Thing, Too: Maybe this doesn’t need to be said anymore, but we’re so proud of this that we like to share. The LA Baby Show is welcoming to men as well as women—and our secret sauce is the help the of both Boot Camp For New Dads and the LA Dads Group. The founder of Boot Camp himself will be running two special mini versions of his boot camp on both days—and he’ll otherwise be around at his table to chat and meet people. And the LA Dads Group, a wonderful bunch of local dads who run and amazing a social and educational group for dads? They’ll be hosting the Dads’ Lounge all weekend!

7. Love The Setting:For all the joy that it brings, being pregnant is not easy. Being a new parent is not easy either. But a great big Baby Show for expectant and new parents, can be both joyful and easy—and we are especially excited to be host the Show in such a special and pleasant setting like the Magic Box (at The REEF).

8. One For All & All For One: What we’ve learned is that the Baby Show works because it welcomes everyone—women and men, couples, singles, friends, grandparents, uncles and aunts, bumps, babies, toddlers—and even though every family has its own goals for the day, there’s something wonderful about the collective vibe. You are all on your journey into parenthood. Everyone has their hopes, fears, joys, and challenges, and it’s nice to be able to share an event like the Baby Show.