Family Photos 101

We asked our friends at Canon for great tips on photographing babies and toddlers. Enjoy!

pregnancy to birth


1) Baby bump photo series: Learn how to document your pregnancy with a fun portrait series.

• Find a neutral, even-toned background like a white or beige wall.
• Frame the shot and keep Mom’s belly as the hero.
• Shoot at the same time of day to keep lighting consistent.

2) First baby picture: They’re only born once. Be prepared to capture this life-changing moment with the quality it deserves.

• Set white balance to Tungsten to keep your image from looking yellow.
• Turn off the flash and use natural light.
• Set ISO to 400 for greater brightness.


birth to 3 years

1) Baby on the move: From crawling to walking to full-on sprinting, use these tips to get great photos of your budding explorer.

• Use Continuous Shooting Mode to keep your baby in focus no matter how fast they’re moving.
• Shoot in Shutter Priority (Tv) mode and make sure you use a high shutter speed to avoid any unwanted blurring.
• Get low at ground level and simply touch the LCD screen to keep your on-the-move baby in focus.

2) Baby birthdays: Before they blow out the candles, prepare to blow them away. Check out these tips for great candid photos and videos for any birthday party.

• Capture a close-up video of your child with an f/2.8 or faster portrait lens for better low light images.
• Get up close to your child so you can capture the fun of the moment.
• Increase the ISO in low light situations to avoid dark images.

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