The Funniest Baby & Toddler Humor On The Internet

By Rebecca VanEtten

Toddlers are natural comedic fodder: They can speak, but they can’t quite articulate; they’re slowly beginning to understand the world around them, but are also incredibly volatile. As more parents (and non-parents) have begun chronicling the everyday hilarities and creating fictional parodies of the toddler world through laugh-out-loud funny social media accounts, web series, and more, we decided to round up some of our favorites below. Enjoy!

Twitter: Los Feliz Daycare (@losfelizdaycare)

What It’s All About: Comedy writer Jason Shapiro started the Twitter account @LosFelizdaycare, a parody account following the happenings at fictional LA daycare in an “affluent hillside neighborhood.” Although he is not a father himself, Shapiro has told CBS Los Angeles that the inspiration for these LOL-worthy tweets, which include references to Burning Man and raw diets, from his co-workers experiences as parents. He has over 69,000 followers.

Why We Love It: The account frequently incorporates references to current events, like: “We’re hearing that Kale-ah won’t go to sleep because ‘the only person in this world she can trust is Bernie Sanders.’”

Funniest Recent Post: “Agave (89 weeks) had an ‘accident’ but we’re choosing to label it ‘creative expression.’”

Instagram & Tumblr: If Toddlers Texted (@iftoddlerstexted &

What It’s All About: Thinking of toddlers with smartphones is funny in and of itself, but an anonymous parent has created Tumblr and Instagram accounts which post screenshots of conversations toddlers might have with their parents, friends or grandparents over text.

Why We Love It: From middle-of-the-night texts to conversations with friends while in time-out, this account highlights all of the mischievous situations toddlers find themselves in.

Favorite post: Toddler: Are you sleeping? Mama: Please let this be a nightmare. Toddler: I’m very hungry. Mama: What did I do to deserve this? Toddler: Also I peed down to the mattress. Mama: Your killing me. Toddler: *you’re

Instagram: My Kid Can’t Eat This (@mykidcanteatthis)

What It’s All About: We all know that the task of getting your children to eat healthy foods can be a struggle. Combine that with the silly reasons young picky eaters often give for rejecting their food, and you get the hilarious My Kid Can’t Eat This Instagram account, which posts pictures of food that rea-life kids refuse to eat, captioned with their quotes explaining why. The account has even grown into its own website,, which offers tips and recipes to help deal with picky eaters. The account has over 140,000 followers.

Why We Love It: Comprised entirely of re-posts from parents, using the hashtag #mykidcanteatthis, the account serves as an outlet for parents to express their amusement and exasperation over preparing a meal for their child and then having them fail to eat it.

Funniest Recent Post: Caption on a picture of mac and cheese with shell pasta. “#MyKidCantEatThis because shells go in the ocean. He was upset when I ate my portion.”

Pinterest: My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler Daughter (

What It’s All About: This Pinterest account follows the style evolution of an imaginary child named Quinoa, while also poking fun at the fashion industry and over-the-top aspirational Pinterest boards. The site originally started out on Pinterest, but creator Tiffany Beveridge now has corresponding Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts and released a book—How to Quinoa: Life Lesson from My Imaginary Well-Dressed Daughter.

Why We Love It: The posts gently mock some of the over-the-top styles available for toddler girls, and the wildly unrealistic “aspirational” images on Pinterest. Plus, Quinoa’s imaginary friends also have some great names: The gang includes Chevron, Meridian, and Hewn.

Favorite post: “Although Quinoa and Chevron recruited Mezzanine for their Indoor Soccer Jump Rope League, they had serious misgivings when she showed up for team photos at the stadium in athletic gear.”

YouTube: Conversations With My 2-Year-Old (

What It’s All About: Dad Matthew Clarke reenacts conversations that he’s had with his daughter—with another full-grown man—in this hilarious YouTube series.

Why We Love It: From the outrageous outfits that actor David Milchard wears to portray Clarke’s daughter, Coco (spoiler: He wears a hair clip) to the topics portrayed in each episode, the series nails the absurdity of the kinds of conversations parents of toddlers know all too well, though the mini episodes are enough to make anyone laugh.

Favorite post: Season 1, Episode 6: “The Pants”

Blog & Twitter: The Honest Toddler (@HonestToddler;

What It’s All About: Real-life mom Bunmi Laditan had a dream of becoming an author. Little did she know that a Twitter account in the unfiltered perspective of a toddler would lead her to that dream. The Twitter account has over 312,000 followers and Laditan has now released two books: Toddlers are A**holes and The Honest Toddler: A Child’s Guide to Parenting. The snarky remarks about adults from an imagined toddler’s perspective can resonate with all parents.

Why We Love It: We all know that toddlers lack a filter. The Honest Toddler’s hilariously blunt remarks shed a comical light on the mundane activities that are often the most difficult when it comes to toddlers (e.g. meals and bedtime). Also, the remarks on adult behavior are so spot-on, you’ll feel like the Honest Toddler is reading your mind.

Funniest Recent Post: “She just told Facebook she’s making dinner. Since when do rum and cokes count as cooking?”

Tumblr: Reasons My Son is Crying (

What It’s All About: Dad Greg Pembroke started posting pictures of his three-year-old son throwing tantrums. Captioned with the often absurd reasons that incite a toddler meltdown. As the site caught on, parents from all over the world began submitting photos showing their children’s tantrums, and Pembroke has published a book of the submissions: Reasons My Kid is Crying.

Why We Love It: The site perfectly captures the silliness inherent in even some of the most stressful parenting moments, and provides fatigued parents everywhere with some great comic relief. Plus, Pembroke also shares snippets of the ridiculous day-to-day conversations that parents often find themselves having with their young children.

Funniest Recent Post: “She thought there was a Pokemon on her.”