Ultimate Stroller Giveaway

ultimate stroller giveaway

In celebration of our annual Guide to the Best Strollers of 2018, and to announce our upcoming Baby Show Series, we’re giving away 50+ amazing strollers from some of the top brands featured in our Stroller Guide.

Here’s how the Ultimate Stroller Giveaway works: 54 lucky winners will receive a new stroller. We are giving away 18 strollers in three rounds. The giveaway dates are listed below.

Round 1: Friday, April 6, 2018

Congratulations to our 1st Round Winners!

Elisse LoPresti, Nayanna Lindsay, Krystal Kuban, Kathy Persons, Brad Edwards, Ozge Adak, Paola Ramos, Amanda Ashcraft, Philip Seaton, Karina Hunter, Shannon Scheffling, Brigitte Cesar, Tammy Spence, Melissa Ross, Celia Vazquez, Angelique Garcia, Jordan Greenwood, and Elizabeth Dreon.

Round 2: Monday, July 9, 2018

Congratulations to our 2nd Round Winners!

Dana Conway, Rita Kroll, Maria Shalakhti, Garcia Nallely, Samantha Luke, Kate Gory, Eliz Zielazinski, Melissa Casini​, Diana Gomez, Paris Lark, Katelyn Forrest, Kristin Neville, Keyana Jones, Deborah Vineyard, Megan Hollingsworth, Misty Brimberry, Brittany Beck, and Joe Buhay.

Round 3: Friday, October 5, 2018

Congratulations to our 3rd Round Winners!

Christina Thiele-Yancy, Rachel Evans, Eliza Smith, Mimi Vuong, Vanessa Ramos, DaVida Sonnier, Janet Velasquez, Cynthia Wong, Regina Cuchado, Yanci Bernabe, Sarah Schwartz, Stephanie Nino, Yudith Soria, Nichole Kennedy, Elia Villalpando, Stephanie Berry, Britney Reed and Ebony Martin.

Strollers available to win in the giveaway include:

Family Media will select the stroller brand given to each winner.

To learn more about the entire Baby Show Series, click HERE.

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