Micuna’s Mission Is Safe, Stylish, And Eco-Friendly European Designed Baby Furniture

Micuna’s Mission Is Safe, Stylish, And Eco-Friendly European Designed Baby Furniture

Every parent wants a safe and durable crib along with a stylish design at an affordable price. Micuna delivers on all counts. With over forty years of experience in designing long-lasting and beautiful furniture for baby, Micuna now ships to over 35 countries internationally. Offering everything from cribs and bassinets to rockers and highchair, Micuna’s furniture selection runs the gamut.

What’s more, Micuna will be at the 2017 LA Baby Show, on November 4 and 5, at the Magic Box at the REEF, in DTLA, when the nation’s largest show for expectant and new families returns to Los Angeles.  A family-friendly mega-event featuring everything to do with maternity, baby, and toddler – from top products to trusted parenting experts – the LA Baby Show will welcome thousands of expectant and new parents from Los Angeles County, and the surrounding counties, and beyond!

Tickets to the LA Baby Show are $30 per family, and $20 per individual.

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We spoke with a member of the Micuna team, to learn more about the brand and what new parents can expect at the LA Baby Show.

For someone unfamiliar with Micuna, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

Based in Valencia, Spain, we have more than 40 years of experience providing Europe with quality and modern baby furniture. Micuna’s mission is to offer parents stylish, high-quality, safe, and eco-friendly new choices for baby furniture and accessories, delivered with a unique international design and at an affordable price.

Our core offerings include a range of exquisitely designed high chairs, bassinets, cribs and rockers.

Tell us about the company’s background. When did it start and how has it evolved since then?

Micuna was founded in 1973 by Francisco Garcia Moreno. From its inception, Micuna has set trends within the children’s furniture sector, such as the introduction of wooden cribs at a time when metal cribs dominated the market. Micuna is Spain’s leader in children’s furniture and accessories, and is one of the three largest European manufacturers of cribs and furniture for children.

Micuna today has become a leading global and award-winning baby furniture and accessories brand exporting the company’s collections to more than 35 countries worldwide, now including the U.S.  We take great pride in knowing that more than a million and a half children around the world have been able to use our products.

What are the most popular and/or newest products from Micuna?

Our newest products are our OVO City chair, our NACELLE bassinet, SMART LUCE bassinet and FLOR Rocker.

Our OVO City Chair, an exclusive version of our OVO high chair, features a special color combination of black and rich dark wood, metal inserts in the legs and an included special designed grey pad with PU leather inserts too, as well as the PU leather straps. With its warm light incorporated into the bassinet, our SMART FRESH bassinet enables parents to conveniently check on baby several times throughout the night.  Our FLOR Rocker and NACELLE bassinet can work together thanks to a unique magnet system in the legs, which allows you to rock your baby while rocking yourself. You can put the bassinet on your right or on your left side and you can even use both bassinets at the same time making these ideal products if you have twins.  The rocker and bassinet can also be used separately.

Some of the other popular products in our collection include our LIFE crib, which grows with baby from birth and stands out for its many color combination possibilities which mom and dad can choose. This stylish crib has a longer lifespan, as it is able to easily convert into a toddler bed. With four initial color tones already set for them, parents also have a range of 16 spindle shades from which they can choose three, and combine them with the crib base in natural wood or white. Thanks to our online customizer, parents can now visualize what they have in mind and play with colors until they find the best combination to create the custom crib of their dreams.

Our minimalist and modern HARMONY evolutionary crib features Nordic style and is designed for use with little ones through their first years. With its extra conversion kit and a mattress support, the HARMONY has a longer lifespan than other cribs as it can convert into a twin sized bed. Its exceptional features include its slightly curved shape that makes it an ideal product for parents seeking a beautiful and safe crib, which saves space at the same time.

Designed for baby to sleep safely and soundly while parents sleep quietly, our SMART FRESH is the perfect bassinet for the baby’s first months, combining a pure design with modern and simple features that make every mom and dad fall in love with it. Also, the bassinet allows parents a total view of their baby thanks to its breathable mesh fabric.

One of our signature products is our award-winning, posh, and stylish OVO high chair, which combines comfort and safety with elegant design. OVO is made with solid beech wood from sustainable managed forests. This striking chair is incredibly practical too as it converts into a toddler chair. Even the special box it comes packaged in can be used for home décor!

The OVO high chair is our best-selling product and is desired by many celebrities. We hit the mark with this beautifully-designed high chair, which is also displayed at “The Modern”, the restaurant of the MoMa Museum in NYC and many other high design restaurants and hotels.

Our SMART FRESH is a popular bassinet choice for parents too with its sleek oval shape and completely transparent and breathable fabric, allowing parents to see their baby all of the time without having to get out of bed.

What sets Micuna apart from other baby furniture companies?

There are several things that set us apart from other baby furniture brands.

First, we are committed to beautiful design of handcrafted, high quality, eco-friendly products, yet at affordable pricing.

Second, our strong commitment to the environment and conscious, ecofriendly practices combining traditional methods with new technologies create a more efficient production process. All of our products are made from materials like solid beech wood from sustainable forests and their coating process is performed with water paint. We strongly believe in a way of life respectful to the planet, so that our babies will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature when they grow up.

Our products adapt and grow as baby grows too, having a longer lifespan than any other cribs and high chairs. For example, our OVO high chairs evolve to a toddler chair and can convert into a higher chair, our LIFE crib can convert to a toddler bed, and our HARMONY crib converts to a twin sized bed.  Incorporated into our designs too are unique features to help parents in their everyday life with baby such as the light in our new SMART LUCE bassinet and the magnetic docking system for our FLOR rocker and Nacelle bassinet.

What can parents expect from Micuna at the LA Baby Show?

Parents can expect to see Micuna’s newest products including the SMART LUCE bassinet, the OVO City chair, FLOR rocker and NACELLE bassinet.  They will be able to see these beautiful and hand-crafted designs from one of Europe’s leading baby furniture and accessories brands and meet with Micuna representatives to answer any questions they have on the collection.

To learn more about Micuna, check out micunausa.com.