A Mother’s Haven Offers Support And Community For Parents

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A Mother's Haven Offers Support And Community For Parents

Whether you are a brand new parent who can’t tell a swaddle from a bottle, or a veteran of the diaper wars, having a community of trusted fellow parents to lean on is invaluable. They share the journey of having children, through the ups and the downs. A Mother’s Haven not only provides that close-knit community, but they also have fantastic classes and products available as well. The LA Baby Show is proud to have them as a partner.

To learn more about A Mother’s Haven, we spoke with the owner, Bianca B.

For someone unfamiliar with A Mother’s Haven, how would you describe the company’s mission and core offerings?

A Mother’s Haven is a family educational resource center and baby boutique. In our two-classroom resource center, we offer a large selection of prenatal and postnatal classes. Our prenatal classes help prepare families for their baby’s arrival. Once the baby arrives, we offer full service breastfeeding support including a weekly support group, private lactation consultations, nursing bras, lactation supplements & supplies and hospital grade breast pump rentals. In our Parent & Me classes, parents and babies bond with each other and get a chance to meet and connect with other families experiencing similar successes and challenges. Our expansive boutique has all of the must-have and want-to-have items a new parent and baby needs!

What is the background of A Mother’s Haven? When did it start, and how has it evolved since then?

A Mother’s Haven was established in 2002 as a resource for breastfeeding support, nursing bras and lactation supplies for new moms. Over the years we have expanded our prenatal and postnatal education and product offering to include everything a new parent and baby needs to begin their journey into becoming a family. In 2014 we moved into our new and updated location to ensure our community of families has a warm and comfortable space for the next 15 years and beyond!

What services does A Mother’s Haven provide for expecting, new and experienced parents? What are the most popular and/or most exciting of those services?

At A Mother’s Haven we are a full service resource and education center for families.

For expecting parents we offer a full range of prenatal classes including; Prepared Childbirth Intensive, Caring for Your Newborn, Infant CPR and Family Safety, Breastfeeding 101, Baby Sleep 101 and Prenatal Yoga.

For new families we provide full service breastfeeding support including a weekly support group, private lactation consultations, nursing bras, lactation supplements & supplies and hospital grade breast pump rentals. Our Parent & Me classes include our popular Mother’s Gathering (Mommy & Me) Groups, Working Mothers’ Gathering, Daddy & Me, Music (in English or Spanish), Mommy & Baby Yoga, Baby Sign Language, Preschool Readiness and more.

For the experienced parent, we have a Prepared Childbirth Refresher, Infant CPR and Family Safety, Second-Time Mom’s Mothers’ Gathering group and our music classes are great for siblings!

All of our classes are well received by our families. Our most popular classes/services are our Mothers’ Gathering Groups, our Breastfeeding Support and Infant CPR and Family Safety.

What are the newest and/or most popular products from A Mother’s Haven?

We make a conscious effort to continually bring in new and exciting must-have and want-to-have items for families and babies. We go to market 10-12 times a year and scour social media looking for unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Our newest items for the holidays include: Finkelstein dolls, Blabla dolls, Modern Goose clocks, Human Made piggy banks, Clam Feet shoes and much more!

Our core and best-selling brands include: Medela, Bravado, Belly bandit, Mother Love, Kickee pants, Huxbaby clothing, Native Shoes and Manhattan, Janod & Hape Toys!

What sets A Mother’s Haven apart from other parenting assistance companies? What makes it special?

We are very proud to be a one-stop-resource for many of our families. With our full suite of prenatal classes, breastfeeding support and large selection of Parent & Me classes, our families can be with us until their little one is three years old!

Describe the community of A Mother’s Haven – how does that benefit parents? How can parents join this community?

The Mother’s Haven Community has been helping parents since 2002 as they make the transition into becoming a family. Our amazing staff and instructors provide families with the education and support they need. Our hand-selected products give parents and baby all of the must-have and want-to-haves items they need. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the Mother’s Haven community is a place for new parents to meet, connect and bond with other families experiencing similar success and challenges. The families that connect in our classes often form lifelong bonds.

What can parents expect to see from A Mother’s Haven at the LA Baby Show?

A Mother’s Haven staff and instructors will be there to support families and answer your prenatal and postnatal questions. We can’t wait to see you!

For more information about A Mother’s Haven, head to shopthehaven.com