Featured Seminars

Keynote Seminar: 
The Baby Show Parenting Essentials Class

12-12:45pm (Saturday & Sunday)

The Baby Show Essential Parenting Class is a 45-minute lecture created exclusively for our LA families covering the most asked about parenting topics. From simple suggestions on what to pack in your hospital bag to complex discussions on how your spouse should navigate delivery day, Twiniversity will teach you the tricks of the trade and have you leaving our class with more confidence ready to take on this whole new world you’re about to join into. 

Boobies, Bottles & Bananas, Oh My!

1-1:45pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Making sure your baby has the correct nutrients to grow is essential to development in the first few years of life. Join Cheryl Petran of The Pump Station & Nurtury as she moderates a panel of Pump Station-approved experts as they guide you through what, when, and how much your baby should eat in order to thrive. Plus, they’ll also show you tips and tricks on how to handle picky eaters as well!

The panel will include Corky Harvey MS, RN, IBCLC – The Pump Station & Nurtury; Debora Milioni BSN, MSN, MBA, IBCLC – The Pump Station & Nurtury; Jill Campbell PsyD, Parent & Me Curriculum Director – The Pump Station & Nurtury; Dr. Stephanie Canale, MD, Lactation Lab;  Dr. Tiffany Fischman from Calabasas Pediatrics; and Dr. Bob Hamilton.

Saturday Panelists: Corky Harvey, Dr. Bob Hamilton, Dr. Stephanie Canale

Sunday Panelists: Jill Campbell, Debora Milioni,  Dr. Tiffany Fischman

Car Seats Made Easy

2-2:45pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Chicco’s Child Passenger Safety Advocate will introduce you to child car seats and help simplify best practices so that you can travel safely and with confidence. You will learn about what to look for in your vehicle during installation, how to adjust the car seat to fit your baby, and what resources are available to support you as your baby grows.