Meet the Experts

The Baby Show “Meet The Experts” area is an educational program focused on hands-on tutorials. In these 30-minute sessions, new and expectant parents will get practical advice and education with real-life applications. Join the session, be part of the action, and gain confidence.

Breast Pumps 101 with Ardo USA

10:45-11:15am (Saturday & Sunday)

At this session, Jennifer Pitkin, IBCLC, from Ardo USA will be normalizing pumping. Jennifer will show how breast pumps don’t need to be worrisome and will talk about basic assembly and flange fit, she will also tell who to tag in (including our IBCLC’s for video chat) for assessing flange fit.

After this, Ardo USA will do a giveaway for partners. Jennifer will have attendees diaper a “baby,” assemble a breast pump, then make their expecting partner a sandwich. The first prize winner will get an Ardo USA pump valued at $299, while 2nd prize is a $199 pump, and 3rd prize, is a $41.95 hand pump.

Cloth Diaper Tutorial

11:30am-12pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Chad Ekstrom, International Sales and Marketing, Kanga Care, will address FAQs and how-tos on the topic of cloth diapers.

Scientific Principles that Enhance Language Learning

12:15-12:45pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Dr. Robert Titzer, Infant Researcher, Infant Learning Company

  • Early language scores predict later language scores and reading scores more than a decade later 
  • Babies who are taught more words by 18 months of age think at faster speeds than babies who are taught fewer words 
  • Scientific principles that help babies learn language skills more efficiently will be described 
  • The simultaneous learning of languages is better than consecutive learning of languages, so introduce babies to multiple languages instead of waiting until the native language is mastered before introducing other languages 

Infant/Toddler CPR Update

1-1:45pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Join us for a very important review of life saving skills as Richard Pass, RN, director of Save A Little Life, outlines and demonstrates the latest CPR and choking guidelines.

Expectant & New Parents: Everything You Need to Know About Your Rights in the Workplace

2-2:30pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Expectant and new parents often times are completely in the dark about all of the laws that protect their rights in the workplace when expecting their child or caring for their newborn. We help educate expectant and new working parents about what their rights are and how to best protect themselves during such a challenging and joyous time of their lives. Baby Show attendees can expect information and education about family leaves, disability leaves, accommodations, maternity and paternity leaves, baby bonding as well as breastfeeding/lactation laws which will help with the transition into parenthood.

Creating a Dream Sleeper with Dream Team Baby

2:45-3:15pm (Saturday & Sunday)

Join Conner Herman and Kira Ryan of Dream Team Baby for a master class in “Creating a Dream Sleeper.” This workshop is ideal for both expecting parents and up to parents of babies under 2 years of age. Specifics include:

  • Tips for setting up a nursery to encourage better sleep.
  • How much sleep children really need.
  • How to avoid common sleep mistakes many parents make.
  • Ways to help your child sleep longer during nighttime and nap-time.
  • The best age for sleep training and the best approach.