LA Baby Show 2019: GranolaMoms

With their signature Mommy2Me beverage, GranolaMoms offers breastfeeding mothers a healthy and nutritious (and oh-so-easy) way to reduce colic in their babies through their milk.

LA Baby Show 2019: Brinware

Perfect for little ones learning to eat at the table with mom and dad, Brinware's silicone and tempered glass dishes are designed just for babies and toddlers.

LA Baby Show: Little Babe Bowtique

Looking to dress your baby in a fun accessory that's as comfy and cozy as it is oh-so-cute? Look no further than Little Babe Bowtique!

LA Baby Show 2019: Sockabu

Designed by a mom-of-two, Sockabu is a sock that allows toddlers to cover their toes for coziness and uncover them for extra traction, using Sockabu’s patented “flip” design.

LA Baby Show 2019: Chicco

For over 60 years, Chicco has been offering parents innovative solutions to their baby gear needs, especially when it comes to strollers and car seats

LA Baby Show 2019: Goldbug

For 50 years now, Goldbug has been a staple in the baby accessories market--their products are aimed at providing simple solutions to everyday challenges

LA Baby Show 2019 Partner: Baby2Body

The LA Baby Show is proud to partner with Baby2Body as we gear up for our 2019 Show on November 2-3 at The Magic Box.

LA Baby Show 2019: Lascal

With a brand new baby carrier launch this year, renowned baby gear brand Lascal is ready to help new parents take things to the next level of comfort, safety, and reliability.

LA Baby Show 2019: Nomi

Nomi is a brand-new high chair model that is sure to be a mealtime game-changer. Not only does this chair feature an innovative design that can fit in with any décor scheme, but it’s also designed to grow with baby.

LA Baby Show 2019: Love To Dream

Love to Dream™ is all about helping babies sleep safely and comfortably (which means that mom and dad can sleep soundly as well)!

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